Abdul Qadir Deshmukh remembered.

Our dear friend Abdul Qadir Deshmukh died a week before his 18th birthday, 40 years ago (Aug 29, 1973)May Allah swt bless his soul.

We were classmates in St Anthoney's, Lahore uptil O'levels (winter1971 session). After that he and our classmate Saleem Yaqub, pictured below, moved back to Peshawar. These days Saleem is based in Australia. 

Pictures were provided courtesy Abdul Qadir's sister.

The following comment has been posted by Samson Sharaf on 15-9-2013:

Qadir, Salim Yakoob and myself were boarders. I stayed at Qadir's place in Peshawar after my ISSB Tests in Kohat. We went to Bara for shopping and it was all fun. Six months later, Salim informed me that he had died of hepatitis after he had led a student delegation to Iran. In 1973, his father attended my para trooping wing award ceremony. He was a broken man then. In 1974, I got posted to Kohat and later Malakand. I spent many weekends at his place and stayed with the parents. Salim used to live in University Town Peshawar. So my regards to the Deshmukh Family and Shaista. Great People. 


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